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Position Overview

This new position will serve as an expert and senior advisor to Consumer Reports’ (CR) leadership and staff on the market forces and evolving trends affecting consumers, consumer needs and “pain points” in the increasingly digital marketplace, and how CR can use its unique tools to empower consumers to make informed choices and drive market change. Works primarily with CR’s Consumer Policy and Mobilization team (the policy and advocacy arm of CR), but is an active contributor, participant and resource in cross team collaboration to ensure alignment, quality and creativity of relevant substantive research-driven content, testing, policy, and planning. Works with staff across CR to craft projects and solutions that use all of CR’s tools -- including legislative and policy recommendations, testing, ratings, and articles -- to inform consumers and influence the marketplace.  Plays especially important role in ensuring that CR’s policy work is supported by strong non-partisan/independent evidence and reasoning, and that they inform positions and solutions that are likely to be effective in improving consumer choices and outcomes in the marketplace.   

Qualifications Include

  • PhD in Economics and a minimum of 5-7 years of experience in industry, consulting, government, think tank, or academic research, including prior experience applying economic analysis and statistical methods to public policy analysis.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of economic analysis and modeling techniques, including applied econometrics, and experience engaging in primary and secondary research, interpreting data, and performing original empirical analyses.
  • A strong understanding of the strengths and limitations of consumer choice models and theories and analysis of market externalities.
  • Strong project management skills, including the ability to lead research and manage multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Excellent communications skills with a strong ability to translate complex concepts and research in compelling and creative ways to multiple audiences verbally and in written form.
  • Enjoys working collaboratively with interdisciplinary team of experts, researchers, communications and editorial staff, and senior management to create greater visibility and opportunity to communicate CR’s research, findings, and positions to key audiences.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, mission-driven social enterprise in the midst of a transformative journey to define and drive a new era of consumer power and protection in the complex digital economy, harnessing technology, science, and data for consumer benefit.  
  • Some media experience a plus but not essential.   

Key Responsibilities

  • Contribute a broad understanding of key market forces and industry trends in the digital economy affecting major consumer goods and services.
  • Provide specific knowledge and skill in analyzing key consumer/service sectors and identifying consumer needs and “pain points” to inform CR’s relevant policy work, particularly on issues and trends related to health, food, money, privacy, autos, consumer products, energy, and the environment.
  • Perform original research as needed, regarding policies, market trends, and other issues affecting consumers.
  • Provide strategic recommendations to CR leadership and staff regarding marketplace research and policy activities to address information deficits and other market failures, and empower consumers to make more informed choices and drive market change.
  • Utilize expertise and evidence-based research to provide recommendations on the development of CR’s policy priorities and actions, and to ensure that CR’s products are grounded in and supported by rigorous evidence and reasoning, as well as policy acumen.
  • To the degree possible, assess the costs, benefits, impact, and other relevant social and economic effects of CR’s policy solutions  and activities.
  • Clearly communicate findings and recommendations to varied audiences, including CR leadership and staff, legislators, regulators, and consumers.
  • Maximize the use and incorporation of CR findings from product testing and survey research into the development of policy solutions, and provide suggestions and advice about ways that CR’s unique content, product testing, and research can help drive market change.
  • Analyze economic and statistical data relevant to CR’s policy priorities and positions, and present findings to internal and external audiences.
  • Stay abreast of academic and economic research relevant to CR’s priorities and activities, and brief CR leadership and staff on relevant findings and developments.  
  • Build and manage relationships with internal and external partners to leverage expertise and data processes needed to support CR’s mission and commitment to use evidence-based policy analysis, education, and information to advance consumer power in the marketplace. 
  • Perform other related duties as necessary.